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Текст песни Let Me Be Free

Is it me that you want is it really me,
take control of my mind, but let me be free.
Is it me that you want is it really me.
take control of my heart, but let me be free.
But let me be free (2x)
(Sub chorus)
But let me be free, yeah (2x)
Many things in life are for free,but your love is what I really need.
Even thoug it's like joy and pain, I say the same with no shame
Don't try to change my way .Love me as I am,that's the plan.
Is it me so get to the point and let me be free.
I need to know right now,
or let me be free but I don't know how
to satisfy and I won't lie,
It hurts my heart when I make you cry.
Positive I am I want to be your man
but you can't understand
Is it me so get to the point or let me be free.
(Sub chorus)
What you want me to be.
I can't be 'cause it's got to be me.
Live my life like I always do,
live in my own world but I need you.
And only you but you're so complex,
think about it know and pass the test.
Is it me so get to the point or let me be free.
(Sub chorus)

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