A Bullet for Pretty Boy

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Is it possible to spread a positive message to an audience jaded by violence and apathy? “Yes!”, answer Derrick Sechrist, Josh Trammel, Bryan Bingham, Danon Saylor, Chris Johnston and Joshua Modisette, the members of Christian hardcore ambient band A Bullet for Pretty Boy.

Founded in late 2006 about two hours east of Dallas in the town of Longview, Texas, the band quickly set out on a mission to spread the message of Jesus Christ. With over one hundred shows played in the past year alone, despite two members still attending high school, they are well on their way. Formed by several close friends, the band decided to name themselves after infamous bank robber Charles «Pretty Boy» Floyd. By December 2006 the band played their first show, which drew a surprising turnout. A Bullet for Pretty Boy hasn’t looked back since releasing their first demo in the spring of 2007, followed up the following year by the self-released EP «Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder», which has sold over 1, 000 copies through itunes, bigcartel, and other various online stores.

With some solid experience at their back, and clear road before them, A Bullet for Pretty Boy finally feels like a complete set. They’ve poured all their energy into this project and absolutely love writing, recording and especially performing their music. «We’ve had our struggles in the past, what band hasn’t?» says guitarist Derrick Sechrist, «But every time we get up on that stage and feel the energy of the crowd, we know we’re doing something special. That energy, that’s our fuel, that’s what drives us to excel. » Spreading the amazing message of Jesus Christ among a traditionally disenchanted youth certainly merits at least a second look. «We understand that the message of Jesus Christ is complicated, » adds keyboardist Joshua Modisette, «But we also understand the need for his message. It’s an uplifting, inspirational message and a critical balance to the violence and nihilism that dominates the scene today. We feel it’s time people started caring about that message again, and we know that with His help we can make that happen. »

And they are making it happen, releasing a demo titled «Only Time Will Tell» the summer of 2008, followed quickly by another demo «I Will Destroy the Wisdom of the Wise» in October and “ Windows“ in July 2009. Individually influenced anywhere from metal, progressive, to indie, the band members opposing ideas and influences conflict until a happy medium and powerful, unique mix is created. The foundation is layed out by guitarist Derrick Sechrist, drummer Josh Trammel, and bassist Bryan Bingham creating the easy-flowing changes and stop and start breakdowns that could make anyone want to get up and move. At the same time guitarist Chris Johnston and keyboardist Josh Modisette make the progressive ambience most commonly found in indie but instead being mixed into a world of hardcore breakdowns and catchy choruses. All topped off with vocals that would cause most people’s throat to bleed by frontman, Danon Saylor. A Bullet for Pretty Boy’s sound is unlike anything in the hardcore scene today balancing opposing musical elements to perfection.

The constant drive towards perfection consumes the band entirely. With the two youngest members finally graduating high school, they’re preparing to tour throughout the United States in 2009 full-time. Heads are turning and the fan base grows exponentially every day. A full time band with an amazing sound and unlimited motivation A Bullet for Pretty Boy’s success is only a question of when.

*** Members

Danon Saylor - vox Chris Johnston - guitar Derrick Sechrist - guitar Bryan Bingham - bass guitar Josh Trammel - drumms Joshua Modisette - keys


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Топ 10 песен:

1.The Deceiver 3:52
2.Patterns 3:41
3.Tides 3:16
4.I Will Destroy the Wisdom of the Wise 6:13
5.Only Time Will Tell 4:37
6.Decisions 3:32
7.Voices and Vessels 4:23
8.Vita Nova 3:16
9.Red Medic 3:47
10.Windows 4:38
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