A Cry Farewell

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A Cry Farewell is an American rap metal band formed in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2009. The band's musical style evolved from a hard rock sound to more of a rap metal sound by the following year. Since their formation, they've completed a national tour with Digital Summer and Universal/Republic records artist 10 Years, released a 5 track EP entitled The Offering, and have had 3 of their songs (Nothing Left, Open My Eyes and The Road) appear on numerous national radio stations, including Sirius XM Radio. The Offering was produced by grammy nominated producer Travis Wyrick (P. O. D., 10 Years, Disciple), who will also be producing their brand new full length album "The War Goes On" due out December 20th, 2011. Formation and The Offering (2009-2010) A Cry Farewell started in December 2009 when lead singer Josh Doyle's wife suggested he meet with guitarist Devon Leonard and start a band. Trevor Metcalf was then invited by Doyle and Leonard to join full time on bass guitar. Still without a drummer, they hired ex-Pillar drummer Lester Estelle II, to record session drums on The Offering. After the recording process, they sought out drummer Danny Hutchinson to round out the line up. The Offering was released on August 31, 2010. For a short period, the band decided to stream mp3 versions of the track for free from the band's website, as part of their "Offering" to the public. Since then, the band has been featured in HM Magazine, Flip Side to Music magazine, and The New Review. [edit]National tour and upcoming album (2010-present) In the final months of 2010, the band filmed their official music video for their single Nothing Left. The video was co-written by Doyle and Hutchinson and directed by Hutchinson. Shortly afterwards, the band were guests on a special 2 hour radio interview on Cincinnati's WMWX ClassX. During the interview, the band stated that the new album would be a continuation of The Offering, but a little more on the aggressive side. In February 2011, they embarked on a national tour with Digital Summer and 10 Years in support of their latest album, Feeding the Wolves. After the tour, the band finished writing their upcoming album, which they recorded in spring/summer of 2011. Band Members Josh Doyle - Vocals Devon Leonard - Guitar Trevor Metcalf - Bass Guitar Danny Hutchinson - Drums


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