A Hope For Home

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A posthardcore/Experimental group from Portland, USA.

Nathan Winchell - Vocals Matt Ellis - Vocals Tanner Morita - Guitar Dan Maccall - Bass Eric Gerrard - Keys Lance Taylor - Drums

«our old bio was silly. i always feel really pretentious trying to write a new one because band bios are kind of like a glorified version of show and tell in which you brought yourself as the thing to show off. but then again, thats pretty melodramatic. so, to cut a long story short, we play music, and we are making a new album that you might love, or you might hate, but we definitely dont hate it. thank you for listening and supporting us in everything we’ve done and as we are about to release this new record, which will be out sometime next spring, 2010 on facedown records. » is said on their myspace site


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1.Fire:Spread 0:00
2.Iniquity (An Offering) 0:00
3.O' Come O' Come 0:00
4.Affliction (The Witness / The Advocate) 0:00
5.O Come, O Come Emanuel 0:00
6.Restoration (The Return from Exile) 0:00
7.Calm (New!) 0:00
8.Ascension / After 0:00
9.Absolution (Of Flight and Failure) 0:00
10.Redemption (A Grief Observed) 0:00
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