A Minor Forest

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A Minor Forest was a San Francisco-based math rock band in the 1990s. They were musically related to the Louisville scene of post rock groups like Slint and had personal connections to the San Diego scene of Three Mile Pilot and related bands. Their songs had pop music, progressive rock, and punk rock influences and featured changing time signatures, sudden dynamic changes, silent pauses, unintelligible screaming, catchy, repeating melodic passages and absurd, in-joke titles. Their slogan was «A Minor Forest Supports the Destruction of Mankind. » They formed in San Francisco in 1992 and, in addition to other smaller releases, put out three albums: Flemish Altruism (1996) and Inindependence (1998) on Chicago label Thrill Jockey, and So, Were They in Some Sort of Fight? (1999), a career-spanning compilation on My Pal God records. They played their last show on November 1, 1998 at Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Erik's Budding Romance 4:18
2.The Dutch Fist 6:29
3.Look at That Car, It's Full of Balloons 8:34
4.Michael Anthony 4:57
5.The Smell of Hot 18:21
6.Ed Is 50 4:20
7.Bill's Mom Likes to Fuck 10:23
8.Speed for Gavin 3:59
9....But the Pants Stay On 6:42
10.Discoier 7:14
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