Taylor Swift (Тейлор Свифт), Певица - альбом Fearless (Platinum Edition)

Fearless (Platinum Edition)

Тип: Альбом
1Jump Then Fall 3:57
2Untouchable 5:11
3Forever & Always (Piano Version) 4:28
4Come In With The Rain 3:58
5SuperStar 4:22
6The Other Side Of The Door 3:58
7Fearless 4:02
8Fifteen 4:55
9Love Story 3:54
10Hey Stephen 4:14
11White Horse 3:55
12You Belong With Me 3:51
13Breathe (feat. Colbie Caillat)4:23
14Tell Me Why 3:21
15You're Not Sorry 4:22
16The Way I Loved You 4:04
17Forever & Always 3:45
18The Best Day 4:05
19Change 4:41


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