http://mitglied. lycos. de/carp_man/cinderella/cinderella. html Name: Lory Lynn Bianco Date of birth: 08. 19. 19?? (Lory told me not to tell it) Birthplace: Greensburg/Pennsylvania Size: 1, 59 m Hair colour: brown Eye colour: brown Parents: Jim Bianco, military and Helen Pritts, cosmetician Brother: Jimmy Bianco jr.. ingenieur Sister: Holly Ann Bianco. studt. Professional background: Just after the birth of Bonnie Bianco, her parents moved from cold Pennsylvania to California and stayed in the suburbs of Hollywood. Her mother, Helen Bianco, thought it necessary to teach her daughters very early. When they were children they were trained for show business. As Lory was two years old, her parents seperated. Bonnie`s father wanted to see his daughters grow up "normal", he didn`t like the show business. Her mother Helen, who used to have a beauty parlour "Biancos House of Beauty", went with her daughters from charity gala dress to charity gala dress and the children had to sing playback and dance. Bonnie's sister Holly left the duo and turned to religion. She thought showbusiness was a sin and wanted to have nothing to do with it. So Bonnie prepared with the help of her mother for a solo career. In 1980 she was discovered by the de Angelis brothers. Guido and Maunzio from "Oliver Onions" made a deal with Bonnie, and took her to Italy. Her Uncle Sam took care of her as manager after her mother died of cancer when Bonnie was 15 years old. In Italy Bonnie had a big deal. Guido and Maurizio produced three LP's with her and gave her the stage name Bonnie Bianco. All three records became big chartbreakers, and during the making an advertisement spot Bonnie was discovered for film. With Pierre Cosso she played the leading role in the movie "Cenerentola`80". She was even able to show her singing talents with Pierre Cosso. She sang the song "Stay". After "Cenerentola`80" Bonnie made the Italian TV-Movie "Molly Т". After that she concentrated on singing. With her new producers, Gunter Mende and Candy de Rouge, which even took care of Jennifer Rush, Bonnie tried to make the big deal. After singing in big TV-shows, she went on tour in 1987. TVfilms: Cinderella '87 (with Pierre Cosso); Molly'O. Sigles: 1983. Stay' (mit Pierre Cosso), appeared just in Italy; 1983. Six Ways'; 1987. Stay' s. o. ; No Tears Anymore (1987); My First Love (1987);1987. Miss you so ; The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (1988) ; When the Price Is Your Love (1989) ; Straight From the Heart (1989) ; Heartbreaker (1990) ; A Cry in the Night (1990) ; Lonely Is the Night (1990) ; Talking Eyes (1990); LPs: 1983. Bonnie Bianco'; 1986. Un' Americana a Roma':1987: Cenerentola '80'; Stay (1986); 1987. Just me'; "True Love Lory" (WEA 1988/243868-2); "Lonely Is The Night" (WEA 1990 / 9031-72362-2) (under the name Lory Bianco); Stay - The Very Best of (1992) "on my own, but never alone" (2001)


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Miss You so 4:55
2.My First Love 4:43
3.No Tears Anymore 3:51
4.Love You Too Much 3:46
5.Stay 3:51
6.Just a Friend 3:56
7.It's Goodbye 4:11
8.The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter 3:38
9.Pizza 3:25
10.Night Time 3:45
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