Baby Woodrose

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Formed by frontman Lorenzo in late 2001, Baby Woodrose started out as a side project to the psychedelic stoner group, On Trial, who since the early 90’s released intoxicating drug-induced rock music that turned its users into sheer liquid. One album on Germany’s SPV label and several for the UK based Delerium/Molten Records saw the band tour vigorously in Europe, but one day Lorenzo got tired of sitting behind the drums, so he embarked on a solo project he decided to call Baby Woodrose (named after the Hawaiian flower). Lorenzo, playing all the instruments himself, recorded 15 songs in less than a week and released the album on his own label. Four years later, Baby Woodrose, now a trio, have released numerous 7” singles and 4 full lengths (one of which is a live album and one a full cover/tribute album) on the independent label, Bad Afro Records.

In 2004, Baby Woodrose was nominated for a Danish Music Award (didn’t win it!) but they went on to win Danish National Radio’s most-sought-after Award, The P3 Gold Award. They toured Europe on numerous occasions, among these a much talked about appearance on Roskilde Festival’s main stage, a “not so good” drug bust in Norway and various collaborations with some of Scandinavia’s most recognized rock bands.

Now in 2006, the trio are ready to release their most ambitious effort yet, the album “Love Comes Down”. It will be released on a joint venture between the band’s own label, Spinello, and Scandinavia’s premier alternative music distributor, Playground Music. The album has been a long time coming, and we can now let you in on a little secret: Some sassy rock ‘n’ roll is on it’s way! The trio have expended their palette ever so slightly and the stuff on this album has sugar-sharp bubble-gum punk versus the broken-man’s heartache on bitter skewers of citric acid written all over it! It sounds like it’s been cut with the macabre precision of a surgeon with a buzz saw! The album was recorded in Copenhagen and Helsinki and was produced by German expatriate Jürgen Hendlmeier in the land of the 1000 lakes. Stone-cold yet sexy and very contagious!


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Альбом Money For Soul
2008 год
Альбом Chasing Rainbows
2008 год
Альбом Baby Woodrose
2009 год
Альбом Blows Your Mind
2008 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.Dandelion 2:31
2.Down to the Bottom 2:52
3.Caught in a Whirl 2:26
4.Pandora 2:22
5.Spinning Wheels of Fire 2:41
6.Flaminica 2:24
7.Living a Dream 3:21
8.Baby Blows Your Mind 3:23
9.Maya 2:33
10.Everything's Gonna Be Alright 4:24
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