Babylon Bombs

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BABYLON BOMBS are the guys from small towns in Sweden who got their debut album signed to JVC Victor in Japan, and have been embraced by press from all over the world.

BABYLON BOMBS latest album DOIN’ YOU NASTY was recorded and produced by LASSE MÅRTEN, who previously has produced BLINDSIDE.

”HOMETOWN HERO”, the second single and video, has been spinning on national radio and was among the most played songs in German rock clubs during the fall of 2006.

The album features twelve great tracks and guest appearances by MIA COLDHEART from Crucified Barbara and THE DUKE OF HONK from DIAMOND DOGS.

From September 25 - October 29, Babylon Bombs toured in Europe with Hardcore Superstar, covering Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, Scotland, England and Italy.

«SONICALLY RANCHOUS! …Doin You Nasty’ should be a part of any true rocker and sleazy-rock-n-roll-music lover’s collection in the same way having Sex Pistols, Backyard Babies, KISS, Hanoi Rocks, AC DC, Hanoi Rocks, Wilhdearts, and Thin Lizzy are essential in your library. « - Tony Sison, All Access Magazine, USA


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Hometown Hero 3:14
2.Liberation 3:52
3.Babylon's burning 3:42
4.Jaded Heart 2:58
5.Nobody's Home 4:29
6.Louder 2:34
7.Goodbye Good Luck 3:35
8.It's Alright 4:55
9.Winding road 4:02
10.Angel Eyes 3:16
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