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C-Block was a German hip-hop project produced by J. Wagner DJ, U. Buchmann and F. Miller. Initially, the act consisted of mainly two African-American rappers Mr. P (James White) and Red Dogg (Anthony Joseph). It was for Red Dogg that Mr. P had the chance to get introduced to C-Block’s producers. Besides these two most visible faces, the act also had the singer Theresa Baltimore «Misty», MC/Singer: Preston Holloway «Goldie» and Raquel Gomez, who was only featured on the chorus of the smash-hit single So Strung Out and Everything’s Good (a track from their debut album

Biography «C-Block’s» first single, «Shake Dat Azz», featured rapper Magic Affair (rapper)|A. K. Swift. It was released in early 1996 and got a lot of airplay from clubs and hip-hop charts, and was later officially released as their fourth single from the «General Population» album. The real breakthrough, however, came in late [1996] when they released their single called «So Strung Out», which peaked at #4 in Germany’s Media Control single chart, earning them gold certification. It was a huge hit in Switzerland and Austria, as well. The next track that was released as a single - «Time Is Tickin’ Away» - was also a big hit in GSA region. The act’s existence at the time was as succuessful as Germany’s biggest hip-hopper named Nana both were occupying high chart positions.

The album «General Population» hit the stores, being one of the greatest Germany hip-hop albums (January 2008). The album, besides their 3 hit singles «So Strung Out», «Time Is Tickin’ Away» and «Summertime», contained 9 other tracks, including «Everything’s Good», «Being Raised» and «My Life».

Shortly after «Summertime» was released in [1997], Mr. P began considering a solo career, January 2008 meantime disagreeing a lot with Red Dogg on both personal and musical decisions, which drove Mr. P eventually leaving the act. Despite his departure, C-Block (which was now left with only Red Dogg, Misty and Goldie Gold) released a new single in late 1997 called «Eternal Grace», which entered the top 10 in [Media Control Charts|Media Control]. In May of [1998], the act released the album «Keepin’ It Real», which, in a way, had more ghetto influence but yet kept the «CBK». The album didn’t find a similar success in GSA region as the previous album, but it was well received in some eastern European countries, like Poland. The next single was «Broken Wings», which was a Mr. Mister cover.

In 1999, C-Block made a surprising comeback with Mr. P being back in the project with a new female singer Jeanine Love and Red Dogg, Preston Holloway (MC/Singer) | Goldie and Theresa Baltimore (MC/singer)|Misty out of the picture. The new single was called «Keep Movin»’. Although the track had the same «‘CBK»’ sound, it never had the success that previous singles did.

Almost a year later, in 2000, C-Block released the single called «The Future Is So Bright» with the same James White | Mr. P and Jeanine Love producing all vocal part of the work, but the success again wasn’t there at all. On the inlay of the single they were announcing a new album called «Changes», which was to be dropped within the next few months, but it never came out. The act took a break and things went quiet afterwards.

Shortly after Red Dogg announced his plans of his solo career, on the September 15 2001 he was involved in a shooting incident, being almost killed. He lost a part of his memory and is now paralysed from the waist down. However, latest news from his family in California indicates that he has re-married his ex-wife and now they live together with their daughter and grand daughter.


  • 1996 - «Shake dat azz»
  • 1996 - «So strung out»
  • 1997 - «Time Is Tickin’ Away»
  • 1997 - «Summertime»
  • 1997 - «Eternal grace»
  • 1998 - «Broken wings»
  • 1999 - «Keep movin»’
  • 2000 - «The future is so bright»
  • Albums

  • 1997 - [General Population]
  • 1998 - [Keepin’ It Real (C-Block album)|Keepin’ It Real]
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    8.Broken Wings 4:05
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