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«Calabi-Yau» project underlies a special understanding of sound. So as opposed to (unlike) other musical styles (both electronic and acoustic) this approach to sound implies a perception of only its some small part while it has “l’envers” or noise nature, that what is called harmonics and overtones in music theory. Thus «Calabi-Yau» founders insist on the very noisy nature of sound which came to be acknowledged only with the birth of ambient style. Moreover, it is the sound aberration and distortion that determines our experiencing of musical compositions.

«Calabi-Yau» reflects the idea of nature, space, person inner world, and spontaneous feelings. The very moment when a dream starts to enfold consciousness, unforgettable melodies and harmonies start to be heard which we detect not with sensorium but without any mediators and then we become capable for pure pleasure.

The String theory says that spaces, which are uncountable, are differently interweaving strings that produce extraordinary (unusual) sounds by brushing against each other and perhaps it is them that we hear when our restless mind is falling asleep…

Two persons participate in this project:

Igor I. Sidorov-Moiseev was born in 1984 in Moscow. He’s seriously engaged in music producing from the age of 15, although his interest has roots in his childhood. He was struck by the works of Frank Duval, Angelo Badalamenti. He takes interest in person insanity and in 2007 he was certified as a clinical psychologist.

Grigory R. Abdullaev was born in 1984 in Chardjoe (Turkmenistan). He’s engaged in music producing since 2000. From the very childhood he takes interest in electronic music styles and the other side of his personality concerns with autosports and photography.

The year of 2002 became decisive for both musicians because that year they met in medical university where they studied at that time. From that time on after some experiments with sound they came to produce musical compositions both in collaboration and separately. The result of threir work is «Compactified», which was finished in 2008.


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