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Cliff Coenraad is one of Hollands most excited DJ’s and producers in 2008. With his own twist of techno, trance and all what is between, Cliff Coenraad manages to bring some creativity together of a whole new level. When your music is described as ‘tight pumping beats’, ‘energetic sets with good build-ups’ and ‘scratching comparative’, you know that a new phenomenon has raised. Music is for Cliff what u can call an addiction, and Cliff sets his goal by making as many people addicted to the kind of music he thrusts. No bullshit, no limits and no boundaries. Just a great dosis of filthy beats, pure energy and dedication for his love to Electronic Dance Music. That is how people react after being a part of Cliff Coenraad outstanding sessions. Don’t tell him, he didn’t warn you!

The man with the filthy and raw beats, Cliff Coenraad, started to create his interest for music starting the age of 12, where he cuts & pastes old tapes together. 2 years later, Cliff fell in love with the fabulous world of Electronic Dance Music and the rest is history. Based in the southern part of the Netherlands, Cliff Coenraad decided to create his own blend which contains elements of techno, electro and trance. And the time was now in April 2006, where Cliff Coenraad launched his first official release!

Under his schizophrenic alias ‘Astatic’, Cliff Coenraad released his first single on the Dedicated imprint of United Recordings, which was labeled as ‘The Hollow Man / Cascada’. Things lifted off from this moment and later on in 2006 Cliff Coenraad teamed up with Leon Bolier for what was an unique collab between two of the most gifted DJ’s and producers at this period. ‘Bolier & Coenraad – The Mighty Ducks’ filled up the clubs worldwide with it’s carefully selected stabby tech-house influenced sounds, after which it returns to a trancier melody in the break before bursting into an incredible tech-trance climax.

After surprising the music scene with the highly original ‘Bolier & Coenraad - The Mighty Ducks / Mohawk’, enchanting everyones ears with the undeniably beautiful ‘Mulika - Escalate’, Cliff leaves his definitive mark on the electronic music scene with his debut single under his own name: ‘Manjula / The Hazzolator’.

Just when everyone thought that cheesy trance would destroy the dancefloors, there was one man who brought salvation and heat back into venues worldwide. With an exciting flavour of DJ’ing and producing, you can slidely mention that this man is one to ‘watch out for’. His DJ gigs with his extravagant selection of trance & techno are exploding, and the audiences can never predict which surprises Cliff Coenraad will drop on the decks. And things would only get better for the superb artist Cliff Coenraad, starting 2008!

After creating massive tunes on labels such as United Recordings and Intuition Recordings, Cliff Coenraad found in the beginning of 2008 his home production wise at Be Yourself Music, which has been titled as one of best EDM labels on this planet. With an extra-ordinary mixture, Cliff Coenraad proved once again that he is developing his own style with no boundaries. Together with Thomas Hagenbeek, Cliff Coenraad started to hit hard production wise, as their first single ‘Filthy Ripper’ has been signed to the label of one of Hollands most leading export products Marco V, called ‘In Charge’. Next to the honour of releasing his first EP on the mighty ‘In Charge’ imprint, Cliff Coenraad & Thomas Hagenbeek also made a sleazy and mindblowing remix of the official Trance Energy Anthem of 2008, ‘Ernesto vs Bastian – Thrill’.

As you can see, the development of the artist Cliff Coenraad is leading to higher and bigger things, of which he could only dream of at a young age. With the true dedication for refreshing todays scene worldwide, it can only be concluded that the artist Cliff Coenraad is challenging the lovers on the dancefloors nationswide.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Gone South 3:08
2.We Feel - Re:Locate Mix 7:29
3.Gone South (Original Mix) 7:36
4.Booty Slam 3:31
5.Gone South (Leon Bolier remix) 6:46
6.Intensify 7:34
7.Massive 2:35
8.Massive (Sunrise 2010 anthem) 3:46
9.Manjula 2:18
10.Oh!Mega 3:35
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