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Line-up: Graham Jones - lead guitar / organ Peter Kirk - bass guitar / piano Colin White - drums / percussion Cy Payne - brass arrangements

CWT was a three piece British band that somehow ended up on Germany’s Kuckuck label, home to such acts as Armaggedon, Ihre Kinder, and Out Of Focus. Adding to the mystery is that this was co-produced by Andrew Loog Oldham. I suspect that CWT was one of the many British bands that were able to support themselves only by playing the club circuit in Germany. ——-This is some serious ass-kicking early 70’s British rock, with the guitarist and bassist doubling up on keyboards, and some fierce brass parts that were apparently recorded at Motown Studios. Heavy riffing abounds, the singer is gruff and aggressive, the rhythm section is way solid, and the lead guitar playing is awesome. No credits as to who the players are in the driving brass section, but they have no problem finding the groove and sticking with it. Great use of flute and chimes in a brilliant cover of Love’s ‘Signed D. C. ’ ——-Even though the brass parts were apparently recorded separately they definitely don’t seem tacked-on. All in all this is a real good example of heavy-duty early 70’s rock.

Released on KUCKUCK in 1973. The only album from this English Heavyrock trio. CWT was one of the heaviest acts on KUCKUCK, which was also the home for bands like OUT OF FOCUS, ARMAGEDDON (the German band) or MURPHY BLEND, but the label become famous for the records of IHRE KINDER. CWT have a guest musician named Cy Payne on this album, who is responsible for the Brass arrangements. It´s giving CWT a very special sound. Beside the fantastic guitar and vocal work of Graham Jones, the brass section gives their Heavyroch a Motown Soul touch, a real heavy groove. It makes «The Hundredweight» to an interesting album with some faster and softer points. But tracks like «Steam Roller» are devastating, filled with hardest riffing and rough vocals. I would compare CWT with bands like SIR LORD BALTIMORE or CACTUS, they had the same class and they put their piece to basic HeavyBluesrock. There exists a re-release on KUCKUCK, limited to 750 LP´s and you can get a CD re-release, because the original is not easy to find.

ABOUT KUBIE & THE RATS: «THE RATS» were a group hastily formed around them mercurial talents of David ‘Kubie’ Kubinec. Kubinec had already enjoyed a long career in the music business, having played extensively in Hamburg with «The Pieces of Mind» in the mid-sixties and with the psych-pop act «The World Of Oz». He wrote their single ‘The Muffin Man’ – which was a hit in Holland, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand – but left during the recording of their album and rejoined «The Pieces Of Mind», who were hugely popular in North Germany, a territorial link that continued to offer Kubie an outlet later on. ——-By 1973 ‘Kubie’ was a singer songwriter in search of a deal. Timing was such that producer and manager ADRIAN MILLAR, then a recently departed partner in World Wide Artists (home to «Black Sabbath» amongst others), was looking for new projects to get involved with. Following an introduction made via girlfriends working at the very fashionable Mr. Freedom store in Kensington, Kubie was sent along by Clem Curtis from The Foundations to meet Millar. Despite turning up at Millar’s flat like a character from ‘Budgie’, with a guitar over the shoulder and no case, Kubie proceeded to stun Millar with the quality of his songs and sheer unique presence. This could be the one… ——-There ensued a period of Millar, along with business partner Andrew Loog Oldham, trying to claim Kubie’s moment in the sun with a deal on Motown Records Rare Earth label, with whom they had a production deal. When Motown confessed that actually they were having trouble breaking white acts, the moment passed back to Millar, now wondering if his own A&R assessment had been accurate. ——-Thinking that maybe repositioning Kubie inside a band situation could be the answer Millar recruited a readymade band called «CWT» (The Hundredweight), a heavy rock four piece hailing from a mansion in Kent, and recorded an albums worth of material with them by way of test. A recording test to see if they would fit behind Kubie. As it turned out Millar was able to license the resulting material to his friend Eckhart Rahn, then in the process of attempting to set up his own version of Chrysalis Records in Germany called Kuckuck). Meanwhile Millar was impressed enough by the drummer, bassist and guitarist to bring them back in to the studio to work up Kubie’s songs in new sessions with Kubie, now in the role of band leader vocalist. ——-To release this next stab at stardom for Kubie, Millar made a presentation to Paramount Pictures, massive in the movie industry but something of a sleeping giant in the music business. Failing that his next move was going to Warners. ——-In the midst of waiting for sleeping and active giants to make their call Millar was under increasing pressure from Kubie to have his record released. So when another mutual acquaintance of Rahn and Millar, Nigel Thomas stepped in, offering a UK release with huge support on his won newly created Goodear Record label Millar had to take the deal. ‘Turtle Dove’ was an easy choice for the lead off single, and as we all agree should have been a massive hit. That it wasn’t, Millar puts down to partly the Goodear deal via Pye Records, who in reality offered only pressing and distribution but no proper promotion and also Goodear the label set up, being more about assets than artists and repertoire. ——-Further disaster or bad luck befell Kubie when, as the album was I preparation for production, two of the band members fell out with Millar and were sacked. Another couple of players (Roddy MacKenzie aka ‘Jeep Solid’ & Jeff Allen) were hastily drafted in for a band photo, that which appears inside the LP gatefold, but never played on the record nor anywhere else as THE RATS. Indeed THE RATS even with the band members who did play on the record, never played live. Album dead, project dead, Kubie’s moment gone.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Бойцовский клуб 2:03
2.Подростки хулиганы 2:08
3.Lonsdale 1:57
4.Я смотрю на них 3:53
5.Steam Roller 3:59
6.Widow Woman 3:16
7.Fair play 2:05
8.Simon's Effort 3:05
9.Take It Slow 3:51
10.Derby Day 3:19
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