Divine Inspiration

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Real Name: Lee Robinson, David Lewin, Paul Crawley and Sarah-Jane Scott

Divine Inspiration are sassy vocalist Sarah-Jane Scott, DJ Paul Crawley and studio dudes Lee Robinson and Dave Levin. Paul met Sarah-Jane, a session singer at the time, while he was Djing in Minorca in the late nineties. Producers Dave and Lee met over 13 years ago and have been working together ever since on various projects for both major and independent labels. «The Way» was originally an instrumental but when Paul introduced Sarah-Jane to the crew they soon asked her to lay a vocal for the track. This is the first Divine Inspiration single but the crew are currently working on the follow up, What Will Be Will Be releaded on Heat Records and is already a firm favourite with the big league trance dj’s.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.The Way 8:31
2.The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) 2:58
3.The Way (Svenson & Gielen remix) 3:40
4.What Will Be, Will Be 4:09
5.The Way - Svenson & Gielen Radio Edit 3:01
6.The Way (Svenson & Gielen Radio Edit) 3:02
7.The Way (Put Your Hand in My Hand) (radio edit) 3:00
8.The Way (Svenson & Gielen Instrumental) 8:30
9.The Way (Radio Edit) 3:01
10.The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) (Svenson & Geilen Vocal Remix) 0:00
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