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DYS was an influential straight edge, hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts and part of the notorious «Boston Crew» along with contemporaries such as SSD and Negative FX. The group later expanded their sound, becoming one of the first hardcore bands to veer into heavy metal.

Band History

The band released two albums: Brotherhood, produced by legendary punk producer Lou Giordano - still held in high regard by fans of hardcore music (with original copies selling for in-excess of $150 on ebay), and DYS (i. e., self-titled), an album that took more of a hard rock or heavy metal direction than their debut. In fact, «DYS» is considered by many to be (for better or worse) one of the first crossover thrash albums released and features what might be punk rock’s first Power Ballad. During their later rock-influenced period, live sound was handled by New Metal producer Andrew Murdock, who works under the professional name «Mudrock. » Both albums have been re-issued together on CD and in digital formats by Taang! Records (titled Fire and Ice), and Brotherhood has also been reissued on CD and on iTunes in early 2005 by Taang! Records in its original format - with the addition of the Wolfpack demo tape, featuring Hüsker Dü singing back-up vocals. DYS took its name from the Department of Youth Services, a Massachusetts governmental organization where deliquent youth were housed as well as the Alice Cooper song «Department of Youth. »

Post-DYS Member Activities

Guitarist Andy Strachan later co-founded the more rock-focused band Slaughter Shack. Slaughter Shack went on to win the Boston musical contest the «Rumble. » After leaving music, Strachan has since converted to Sikhism. His new name is Mahan Atma Singh Khalsa, and he is active as an influential Kundalini Yoga teacher in Amritsar, India. Added lead guitarist Ross Luongo is now playing in the re-formed line-up of Jerry’s Kids. Co-founder and singer Dave Smalley went on to sing for Dag Nasty, ALL and Down By Law before founding the the Jam-influenced band the Sharpshooters. Dave is a noted Newspaper Editor and conservative punk columnist. Co-founder and bassist Jonathan Anastas became a founding member of Slapshot, writing, recording and touring behind their debut album «Back on the Map. » Prior to starting DYS, he also founded the short-lived band Decadence. Their song «Slam» was documented on the «This Is Boston, Not LA» compilation, and later adopted for a long-running MTV advertising campaign titled «Santa’s Secret Life as a Slam Dancer. » Anastas left the music business for a career in advertising and marketing.


* 1983 - DYS «Brotherhood» * 1985 - DYS «DYS» * 1993 - Various Artists «Faster and Louder, Volume Two» (Contributed the track «Wolfpack» which was the band’s unreleased first demo tape and a live favorite) * 1993 - DYS «Fire and Ice» (first two albums combined on CD) * 2005 - DYS «Wolfpack» - «Brotherhood» re-released with the band’s original Wolfpack radio demo featuring Husker Du added


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Альбом Brotherhood
2005 год
Альбом Wolfpack
1983 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.Open Up 1:26
2.Wolfpack 1:16
3.More Than Fashion 1:31
4.Brotherhood 1:03
5.City to City 1:28
6.Circle Storm 0:36
7.yellow 1:18
8.Stand Proud 0:57
9.Insurance Risk 0:52
10.Escape 2:22
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