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A self-taught musician, Ebba Forsberg brings refreshing depth to haunting musical tales that reflect times of confusion and exploration. Her voice is strong, defiant with a touch of innocence. Collaborating with producer Mats Asplen, whose full bodied arrangements complement her classic style, Ebba has created music that boasts a deep soulfulness and a lush, compelling soundscape.

«Been There, » her 1997 debut, is a melancholy yet uplifting collection of songs composed and sung by Ebba with words written by her sister, Kajsa Ribbing. As a creative team, Ebba expresses herself through writing music and singing, while Kajsa has written lyrics that resonate Ebba’s experiences and feelings. The two were raised apart, but grew close after childhood. The artistic strength of this kinship is clearly reflected in the graceful union of melody and lyrics on «Been There. » Ebba toured extensively in the late 90’s on the Lilith Fair tour as well as with Neil Finn and others. Her live-in-the-studio performance on KCRW is still available in the station’s archives online.

Her second album, «True Love» (2001), again focused on Ebba’s songwriting skills, but added a more «band like» feel to the production. Released only in Europe, «True Love» is now available digitally via emusic. com. Tracks such as «Red, » «Addict, » «Walk Alone» and «Daybreak» demonstrated a more straight-ahead dynamic to her repertoire honed from her live performances while the heavily-orchestrated ballad «That’s How Much I Love You» showed that Ebba still possessed an uncanny ability to write a darkly passionate love song.

Ebba recently finished up her third album, «Ebba Forsberg, » scheduled for fall 2006 release in Sweden and later for the rest of the world. More details will be forthcoming as the release date approaches. The track «Kiss of Life» was featured in the film «Mun Mot Mun» in Sweden, while another new song, «Hey, » was included on the soundtrack to «New York Waiting, » recently screened at the Tribeca Film Festival. Other new tracks include «Boy You Owe Me, » «Deep Denial» and «Words. » The myspace audio player will feature these songs and others in the future. Watch for new developments in the blog updates!


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Альбом Ebba Forsberg
2006 год
Альбом Been There
2010 год
Альбом Kiss Of Life
2006 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.Boy You Owe Me 4:12
2.Halleluja - Hallelujah 5:50
3.Dansa Mej Till Kärleken - Dance Me To The End Of Love 4:06
4.Ta Min Vals - Take This Waltz 6:13
5.Daybreak 5:37
6.Hey 2:31
7.Här Är Det - Here It Is 5:32
8.Kärlekens Systrar - Sisters Of Mercy 3:38
9.Hold Me 3:54
10.Feel Alive 5:33
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