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Ebola Joy are: -aL- - voices, synths York - guitars Tudy - synths, programming The beginning of Ebola Joy band dates to the year 1997 when a guitarist Jiří «York» Réda and a keyboard player Aleš «-aL-» Weizer met. -aL- took in the singing later too and then the band grew by the post of a girl-singer which was subsequently occupied by several girls. Dana Müllerová settled on the post for quite a long time and it was in October 1998 when Ebola Joy released their first demo called “Give Me a Medicine” with help of Znojmo sound engineer and musician – Josef “Guseppe” Jelínek.

In 1999 Dana Müllerova had troubles with her voice, she had to stop her activities in the band and was replaced by Iva Doválelová. That same year the band was financially supported by the “ Ladies of 1999-00 “ by Hana Beckova and they issued their second demo «…In the Name of their God». The demo was recorded in a broadcasting studio MS Audio in Šternberk which was owned by York’s friend - Milan Šab. Shortly after issuing this demo the band and the singer agreed on her leaving and they decided not to look for any girl-singer any more.

In 2001 the band got an offer from a musician, producer and owner of the Hacienda studio - Miloš Dodo Doležal – to take part in a tribute CD of a German (today’s cult megastar) band called RAMMSTEIN. CD was released in early 2002 at the recording company DWELL Records in California. Ebola Joy contributed with its cover version of «Klavier».

In March 2003 the third and long expected CD «Sitra Achra» was released and this was the key for the band to the door of music recognition and their publicity grew bigger. Then a long collection of splendid reviews and public responses followed. More than 30 positive reviews from all over the world were published during the period of 7 months. Besides the Czech periodicals and zines the band has also done several interviews for foreign magazines such as Obliveon (Germany), Gothic World (Germany), Music Extreme (Argentina), etc. Number of concerts increased and Ebola Joy played at several music festivals such as the Brutal Assalut No 8, Yanderov Fest and Svět nerezové oceli (World os stainless steel) and they also went on a mini tour called “All Metal Moravian Tour I“ (with participation of Tisíc let od ráje (Thousand Years from the Paradise), Smashed Face, The Korf, etc.)). Towards the end of the year keyboard player Petr «Tudy» Holubář (ex Onset, Equirhodont) entered the team.

The year of 2004 was specific for many concerts. Ebola Joy managed the Voice of Carnyx tour II. (with Beltaine, From Beyond, etc.). In summer they took part in several festivals the prime of which was the open air fest Benátská noc (Venetian night) at Mala skala near Turnov.

Except for a few important events the band stopped their concert activities in 2005 and was working on a new album and recording it later. The album “Gallery” was recorded and mixed in their own studio sTudio in Brno. After all mutual misunderstandings with originally planned recording studio it came out as late as in September 2006 as a CD issued by the Open Media.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Klavier 5:04
2.Klavier (Rammstein Cover) 5:02
3.Power Of Autumn 3:49
4.Dirty Morning 3:04
5.Life 4:19
6.Poisonous Kisses 3:39
7.Abysses 3:56
8.Sofie 3:39
9.Theater Of Shadows 3:09
10.Touch Of Empty 6:06
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