Faithful Darkness

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The new Swedish act Faithful Darkness (Helsingborg, Sweden) with their debut album “In Shadows Lies Utopia” produced by Pontus Lindmark, is here to claim the throne of dark metal! A hidden treasure revealing pieces of trash and death mixed with the fundamental feel of beautiful, suggestive choruses and passages.

After Jimmy Persson quit playing drums in Soilwork, his visions grew as a guitar player and song writer. He sought to find the perfect blend of brutality and delicacy, all centred around the trashy guitar riffs that have made Swedish metal what it is today. In collaboration with drummer Martin Langen (the prodigy pupil of well known Peter Wildoer of Darkane), the band took shape through an ambitious gathering of young (ridiculously young!) talented musicians. The cream of the crop is the front man Erik Nilsson, who by no doubt is here to claim the future leadership of screams and growls. Erik also contributes to the band with lyrics based on anger and disillusion; his personal experiences in the often hard and painful art of living.

After a few rehearsals which proved smooth creativity and continuity, they recorded a promo CD with producer Pontus Lindmark, who instantly saw their potential and introduced them to the Roastinghouse Records metal label Golden Core. Said and done, the band was signed and the album recording got started shortly after. The album will be released in several territories and be sure to check out the band live !!!


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Lies Tells the Truth 3:30
2.Snake & Muse 3:53
3.The Witness 3:57
4.An Ocean Of Time 3:17
5.Paradise 4:17
6.Where Stars Burn... 3:47
7.Banished 3:21
8.Corrupted 4:11
9.The End of It All 4:01
10.Archgod 4:43
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