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The FakeHunters are a group made up of 3 musicians / Beatmakers / Crate Diggers / Turntablists created by NoLive and Dadz in 2003. After several years of beatmaking, most notable for creating many flash sound loopers for Skratch nerds, the crew grows with the arrival of a talented Dj and beatmaker : K’n’K aka Kapp’n’Kutt.

The FakeHunters make unique music. The key to their original sound lies through : · blending their individual musical muses and influences · including rare mixed sounds from the 60’s-70’s · using multiple instruments, most importantly turntables, bass and sax which form the main sound structure.

The group delivers a unique modern musical identity, being an eclectic mix of 90’s Hip Hop, Soul, Acid Jazz and Trip Hop

Regularly, NoLive, Dadz and K’n’K are joined up with gifted guests, musicians and MC’s from all around the globe, sharing their love for music and especially Hip Hop.

The group is now releasing 2 albums, featuring many foreign MC’s such like J. Sands of Lone Catalysts, Melodiq, Co$$, La. k. a. i, Leaf Erikson, ethemadassassin, PricetAG, Lady Paradox, P. D. R… : Blue Soul on Feelin’Music and Jazz is on Root70. At the same time, they proceed making beats and instrumentals for future projects and albums, so check out this page regularly ;) Peace


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Sax Man Blues feat J.Sands of Lone Catalysts and Ethemadassassin 3:30
2.Doin this ft. Melodiq & Nesrine Ghalmi 3:52
3.Wisdom ft. ethemadassassin 3:51
4.Lady love ft. Social Studies (Lakai & Kye) 3:40
5.Tough talk ft. Sire Da Yungzulu 3:01
6.AJ city 4:17
7.The Soundtrack To Your Life ft. D Allie 4:04
8.Practice ft. Kronis the iLL 3:51
9.Love showers ft. Reimo, The Chemist & JustBrea 3:42
10.Guiding light ft. Philosophy Cole 2:53
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