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G-Slimm is rapper from New Orleans, LA. Born as Kenneth Jackson. Four’s Deuse’s & Tray’s was released in 1994 on Big Boy Records. This album is produced by Precise, who gave it a Southern fried/West Coast feel with live instruments and guitar licks. The beats on this album suit his flow really well. G-Slimm’s lyrics can change speeds. He can spit laid back and relaxed or he can spit fast. Features on here are courtesy of Mystikal & Black Menace. This album gained a lot of exposure and brought success to Big Boy Records and G-Slimm. Sadly, he was killed in 1996.

This deserves to be held as one of the greatest gangsta rap albums of all time. In my humble opinion, you can put it up there with The Chronic because this was The Chronic of the New Orleans.

G-Slimm just came ruthlessly real, tearing every track apart over some of the tightest, most appealing beats around for ‘94. You can’t help but feel him through his struggles as he details times of growing up as a boy, to a man, and to the more current situations he finds himself in society, where death by the gun is a way of life. Some of his lyrics are a heartfelt plea for help in a life that was tough. The thing about G-Slimm was that he was much more than a plain old ordinary gangsta rapper. He had a consciousness, with lyrics that take you down the path of reality, through a blazing display of tongue twisting words and intelligent punchlines with deep thought.

Maybe, the best rapper from New Orlean, his lyricics, makes one think … Rest In Pease, lover Kenneth.

It is always sad to think what could’ve been next for Slimm had it not been death, but his only album here was nothing but classic…


Albums: Four’s Deace’s & Trays Compilations: R. I. P. G-Slimm


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Альбом G-Slimm
1995 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.Live To Be A Man 4:31
2.Four's Deuce's & Tray's 4:27
3.Back On My Block 4:20
4.The Chronic Man 1:41
5.I'm The Problem 3:16
6.Gone In The Wind 5:04
7.Slippin' N Tha Darkness 2:50
8.Ain't Nobody Gafflin Me 4:57
9.Countdown to Population Zero 3:33
10.Mamma Pray For Me 5:00
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