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Galaxy is: 1) project of Boris Blenn

2) Galaxy is a space rock band that played their largest performances in Jacksonville, Florida. The first was in 1975 at the 4th of July street concert sponsored by the Jacksonville Beach chamber of commerce.

Galaxy was the only band performing that night, playing to a crowd the newspapers said was over 30 thousand strong.

Galaxy performed 42 of their original rock songs that they had learned after being together only 3 months.

They performed at the same venue the following year. Galaxy won WAPE radio’s first «battle-of-the-bands» in 1976, winning the prize of a recording contract with Bang Records in Atlanta, Ga. that turned out only to be a midnight recording session.

Their winning year brought them to the concert stages to large audiences that included : Annhauser Busch Natural Light Beer debuton Jax.

Beach to a crowd of over 250 thousand rock fans as thefinal feature act following a country rock band called «Road Dust» and during Galaxy’s concert Leif Garrette made a guest appearance.

Galaxy also performed to a Daytona Beach crowd of more that 20 thousand fans at the city’s famous band shell on the beach.


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Альбом Science Of Ecstasy
2009 год
Альбом Angel
1998 год
Альбом Solar Synthesis
2000 год
Альбом Galaxy
2005 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.Flight Of The Phoenix 6:47
2.Where The Elements Meet 9:28
3.Castle In The Blue Sky 9:24
4.Everlasting Tone 7:02
5.Introspection 5:19
6.Including This 6:29
7.Highlight Diver 7:43
8.Wavemode 6:54
9.Subharmonic 4:35
10.Insine 5:58
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