I Have Dreams

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I have dreams was a band spawned from the ashes of another band called New Ethic …New Ethic broke up after daniel, the guitar player died in a car accident… they played their last show in august 1998 with daniel’s best friend mike hanson in his place. it was probably a month or 2 later that I Have Dreams started playing. the band consisted of allen compton and mike peters on vocals, mike hanson on guitar, ben seals on bass and clayton rychlick on drums. it really was more than a band though. like mike peters said in when he spoke at the reunion show, it was an attempt to cope with the pain everyone was feeling after daniel’s death. The band was together for roughly 6 months, but i’m not entirely sure. They broke up around april/may of 99.


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1.Countless Rooftops 3:03
2.In Good Hands 2:49
3.I Don't Imagine You and I Anymore 2:51
4.Thank You So Much For Having the Courage to Help a Friend Change His Life For the Better 0:00
5.Three Days Til' Christmas 3:30
6.Thank You So Much for Having the Courage to Help Change a Friends Life for the Better 3:36
7.Thank You For Having The Courage To Help A Friend Change His Life For The Better 3:34
8.Thank You So Much For Having The Courage... 3:36
9.New Song (I Don't Imagine You and I Anymore) 2:53
10.thank you so much for having the courage to help a friend chang 3:36
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