Jack Guthrie

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Jack Guthrie (13 November 1915–15 January 1948) was born Leon Jerry Guthrie in Olive, Oklahoma, USA. He was a cousin of Woody Guthrie. His rewritten version of a Woody Guthrie song «Oklahoma Hills» (Capitol 201) reached #1 in 1945, staying on the charts for 19 weeks. [1]. The b side, «I’m A Brandin’ My Darlin’ With My Heart», reached #5 later that year. At the time the record became a hit Jack Guthrie was in the U. S. Army and stationed in the Pacific Theater. As soon as he got out of the service he wrote and recorded more songs, played live gigs up and down the West Coast. His version of «Oakie Boogie» (Capitol 341), a hit at #3 in 1947, is considered a candidate for the first rock and roll record. In July 1947 he was admitted to a hospital with tuberculosis. He died in 1948 in Livermore, California.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Oklahoma Hills 2:47
2.Oakie Boogie 2:29
3.The Clouds Rained Trouble Down 2:28
4.I Told You Once 2:36
5.Footprints in the Snow 2:28
6.No Need to Knock on My Door 2:27
7.When the Cactus Is in Bloom 2:39
8.I'm Brandin' My Darlin' With My Heart 2:35
9.Shame on You 2:29
10.For Oklahoma, I'm Yearnin' 2:23
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