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Kamikatze is a three piece Punkband from Sweden. They please serious Punkrock like it shoud be: loud, hard and fast. It all started in the autumn 2003. Before that Tess and DieAnnaBandana had played together for a year, learning their instruments and trying to understand music itself. Then Ellvis came along, playng the base and another girl called Anita Piss, who did some vocals in the beginning. We started making songs, and pretty soon, we were doing live-shows. Unfortunately Anita Piss had to quit the band and Ellvis took over her part of the singing. We changed the name from DieAnnas to Kamikatze, to point out that we were a new band. This was in the autumn 2004. After the first Kamikatze-demo, everything have moved very fast. We have played a lot of live-shows and released the demorecording as a 12” Ep.

The autumn 2005, Ellvis and DieAnnaBandana moved to Malmö, Tess Törner stayed in Stockholm and things became a little bit more complicated. But after some months apart, things feel a bit more settled and we have started to work with the recordings for the Kamikatze-album!


2005-Kamikatze EP

2006-Knit And Trash

2007-Jag Ar Defekt (Single)

2008-Kamikatze & Disco Volante

2009-Falling Down


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Альбом Knit & Trash
2006 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.Knit and Trash 1:03
2.Stay in School 1:36
3.Schweden verpiss dich 0:49
4.From Fuckface To Duckface 0:41
5.I’m Dreaming 1:57
6.I love television 0:51
7.Dieannas 1:12
8.no dogs no masters 1:55
9.Fight Yourself 0:58
10.No Time 1:27
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