La Toya Jackson

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La Toya Jackson (29. 05. 56) La Toya Jackson, the middle sister of the famous Jackson family, is known as an artist, an arranger, a composer and song writer. Her song»Reggae Nights» became the largest selling single in France. She has been a spokesperson for the «Just Say No» Anti-Drug Campaign. She has appeared in her own Pay-Per-View Special at Bally’s Grand Hotel.

La Toya has drawn full capacity audiences in all her performances all over the world: the USA, Chile, Venezuela, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, USSR, Finlad, Sweden, Yogoslavia, Germany, Italy, Spain, England. In 1991, La Toya was chosen one of the Ten Best Dressed Women in the World by the top fashion designers of Paris and Milan.

She released an exercise video «Step-Up Workout With La Toya Jackson». She is an incredibly tallented and versatile artist wo continues to develop her career.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Feels Like Love 3:15
2.Just Wanna Dance 4:19
3.Bad Girl 4:03
4.If You Feel The Funk 5:00
5.He's My Brother 3:39
6.Sexual Feeling 5:28
7.Why Don't You Want My Love - Extended Edit 5:09
8.You Can Count On Me 3:58
9.Somewhere 3:25
10.Starting Over 3:52
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