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L. P. (Laura Pergolizzi) is a pop/rock musician from New York City known by her initials. She tours and performs with her band, which consists of guitarists Tony Finn and Josh Flagg, bassist Scott Kelliher, and drummer Scott Campbell.

L. P. has released two solo albums, following a stint as the lead singer for underground bands The Plan and Lionfish. Cracker’s frontman, David Lowery, recruited her to make a guest appearance on their 1998 album, Gentleman’s Blues, touring with them as a guest vocalist. Koch Records signed her a solo act in 2001, and she released her debut album, Heart Shaped Scar, which was followed in 2004 by Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol which featured the singer working with fellow out lesbian singer and songwriter, Linda Perry on the track, «Darkside».

In 2006, L. P. appeared at music conference, South by Southwest, and reportedly sparked a bidding war amongst major labels, [citation needed] eventually being signed by L. A. Reid to his Island Def Jam Music Group record label, part of the Universal Music Group. She wrote songs for her third solo album with many pop songwriters such as Matthew Gerrard, Billy Steinberg and Billy Mann, however, due to artistic differences she left the contract in 2007 and signed to SoBe Entertainment, an independent record label, with the album tracks she had written at the major label.

In June 2008, L. P. released a music video of two of the forthcoming third album’s tracks, «Good With You, » written with Billy Steinberg, and «Cling To Me, » with the former being released on music download sites. Autumn De Wilde, who directed a video for Death Cab For Cutie photographed L. P. for her press releases. A promotional 3-song sampler featuring «Good With You, » «Cling To Me» and «Kill The Pain» was also sent out, with GBLT-specific marketing company Fly-Life Inc acting as her promotional agent. She also continued to blog on her MySpace page, updating fans and continued to tour. A tentative release date of January 2009 was given for her third solo album, which she has stated will almost certainly be self-titled. [citation needed]

«Love Will Keep You Up All Night, » one of the tracks she had written at Island Def Jam Music Group with Billy Mann, was released in late 2007 on the Backstreet Boys album, Unbreakable. L. P. uploaded her demo of the track onto her MySpace page in early 2009. In late 2008, a sample of Nick Lachey performing her single, «Good With You, » which she wrote with Billy Steinberg was uploaded to a music promotional site, announcing it as a potential single from his forthcoming third album.

L. P. has had her music featured in movies and TV shows. In 2001, «Kiss It All Goodbye» from her Heart-Shaped Scar album was featured in the movie, «The Safety Of Objects, » starring Glenn Close. Also, her track, «Wasted, » from album Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol, was the theme song for the lesbian-themed television show «South Of Nowhere» on The N.

Albums: 2001 - Heart-Shaped Scar 2004 - Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol 2009 - L. P.

L. P. MySpace page: www. myspace. com/lprock


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1.Wasted 4:12
2.Into the wild 4:02
3.Change of Scenery 4:11
4.Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol 5:03
5.Heartless 4:25
6.All I Have 4:06
7.Tokyo Sunrise 4:17
8.Mark The Graves (id160029557) 5:03
9.Levitator 4:30
10.Someday 4:30
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