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M-16 = SPSP (100% Saint-Petersburg Street Punk)

http://vkontakte. ru/club10621095 http://www. myspace. com/m16sh

M-XVI is an antifascist skinhead band from Saint-Petersburg, formed first in 2007 and reunioned in 2009 to play some street-punk and oi! music. Now we are working on split cd with ex-NO HEADS from Moscow, the band that played few years ago and now decided to record their material. We stand for the real skinhead subculture as a working class lifestyle and brotherhood of lower class youth full of hate to cops, upper class parasites and all the smart asses called politicians who want to get authority and exploit people for their own needs, especially to fucking nazi scums who abused and distorted skinhead movement and the idiots who are still loyal to them. We wont tolerate this shit because we remember our workers roots and we respect people for what they do and not for how they look like or where they are from. Keep the friendship, internationalism, mutual respect, never betrate your friends and views. Truth and social justice is above the law. Thats what its all about, mates.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Shot down 3:37
2.Much Too Young For Me 3:51
3.Tonite (It's You) 3:55
4.Street violence 2:10
5.Dreamgirl 4:14
6.Nuestra Arma 3:34
7.Полицейский террор 2:08
8.System 1:48
9.(Standing) On Top Of The World 3:08
10.ae3bf17cef38 3:16
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