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Matthias Rahn: I was born in 1974 in a suburban area of Frankfurt / Main, Germany. The first time I came in touch with electronic music was at the age of 8 when I heard Oxygene from Jean Michel Jarre on the radio. My dad was more into Beatles and the Rolling Stones and my mom into Elvis, so I was absolutely fascinated by the sounds Jarre used, I had never heard something like that before.

After that I discovered Kraftwerk, they worked with minimal and more cold and hard sounds, totally different to Jean Michel Jarre or other bands at that time. Now my ears were open for new stuff and the new stuff came! In the early 80s NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle) came up, it was a strange and trashy kind of music but made with synthesizers and a few tracks were pretty cool. At that same time I started listening to Sythie Pop. In the mid 80s I was flashed by Electro like Mantronix, Man Parrish, Newcleus and Cybotron, vocoder voices and strange sequences.

In 1987 a friend of mine showed me stuff from bands like Front 242, Leather Strip and Skinny Puppy, for me a new style of music, it was called EBM and Industrial, dark…aggressive with distorted vocals and unhappy lyrics. For me it was very interesting to see how electronic music had developed since I had heard Jean Michel Jarre or Kraftwerk for the first time. At the same time I was totally into Skateboarding and I also listened to Punk and Skate Rock (and I still do), but there was something new, it was called Acid. Finally, on this point I had the idea to create my own music. I was short of money and couldnt buy a synthesizer or a drumcomputer, but I wanted to get some practice in music. So three friends and I established a Skaterock band, it was absolute different to electronic music but I learned how to work with song structures and arangements, for me a very important time to become that electronic artist which I am now.

1991 the moment of truth, I had that old Commodore Amiga 500 and a friend gave me a sequencer program and a sampler, influenced by everything I listened the past years I started to create my first electronic tracks. After a short time the Amiga was getting too small for what was on my mind, now I had some money and thought about buying my first professional equipment. Over the years my studio was getting bigger and bigger and I dont know how much DAT tapes I recorded, but there was such a high demand on myself and I always had the feeling my music wouldnt be good enough to send out a demo. In the year 2000 I met Stephan Lieb and Frank Elting better known as MRI (Force Inc. /Force Tracks), they listened to my tracks and asked me to release a record on their label Konvex-Konkav.

My first record was released under the name «Codec» in February 2001, a mixture of minimal dub and techhouse, but I had to change my artist name because another guy came up the same time with the same name. The new artist name was M. Rahn and the next record came in the same year on Konvex-Konkav and another on Trapez, I was totally stoked, three records in one year, for me it was unbelievable after all the years of hard working. In the following years I released an album on Konvex-Konkav, a split maxi on Regular and two maxis on Trapez.

In 2005 I had a little time out to see what happens with me in the future and now I know…to have a good time further on and my love…electronic music!


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Альбом Dream On LP
2006 год
Альбом Finale Weisheit EP
2006 год
Альбом Viertel
2002 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.Toaster 5:31
2.Stryx08 7:54
3.Moonboot Steps 6:24
4.D08b 7:26
5.Retrogram 7:54
6.Translate My Thoughts 11:21
7.Confused Mass 7:41
8.247 In Love 6:12
9.Automale 05 9:01
10.Officer Down 7:55
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