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Aaron Peacock aka Ocelot makes music and travels Planet Earth playing it at parties and festivals. Aaron came from a musical family and plays lots of instruments. As a child he wanted to be an orchestra conductor when he grew up. The San Francisco psy scene of the 90’s greatly influenced him as did the culture of psychedelics in general. Once «turned on» at age 18 there was no going back. The culture of psy trance provided a home for this bit of star matter we call Ocelot. An Ocelot is a wild spotted cat and is NOT a knight of any table round or otherwise.

With one’ Ocelot dares and goes one step further. Aaron Peacock has been taged as one of the more influental musicians to come out of America. After playing a major role in the San Francisco scene and 5 trance albums under his belt, Ocelot comes from a different angle and a diffeternt stateggy. His approach has always been attacking at all fronts and pushing it all the way. The resalt is this dramatic and stunning chillout album that is eveything but predictable One’ is organic. It is a living entity and an important stage of Aaron’s carrere. This, not only because it touched sides that were relatively obscured previously, but since ite comes from a totally different starting point. His brilliant collaboration with Irina Mikhailova is not surprising and delivers the resalt expected from an experienced duo at this scale. Like a rich fine wine that has been getting better and better after years in the bepth of the cellar. Aaron’s music is sensual, precise and inteligent. Gifted with the abbility to project a picture throug sound is just another reason why Ocelot is so graceful. It is obvious that Aaron does not hesitate for a moment and he knows exactly where he wants to go. This year is an interesting one for Ocelot and it seems that he is at a prosperos moment, rich with fruitfull creativity and Busy touring. Musicwise, Aaron is well versed and well traveled in many electronic styles and displays them here in a peacfull way. The primary modus operandi for this album, however, is downtempo colored with just a slight path of psychoactive trace. The individual atmospheres build from drones and intertwine to create his peacfull reefs. One’ is a trend free album that expresses Aaron’s honnest concern about earth and it’s future, an issue troubles out sociaty and seems relevant at this time more than ever. His simple message carries a wakeup call for unity. For Aaron, doing a chillout album was just a question of time. From what it sounds, it will stand the test of time honorabbly as it prooves that Ocelot is not only a trance music mastermind. This is one of oCeLoTs deeper works and the horizon for him shows friendly signs.


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Альбом One
2009 год
Альбом Aural Sects
2002 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.TSUBAKI 3:04
2.Molasses 8:00
3.KAEDE 3:44
4.londinium chills 8:58
5.Drifting Away 3:25
6.Beating Hearts (Louis La Roche Remix) 4:26
7.Slow Roast 6:14
8.Organic 6:01
9.Rainbow Colors 5:56
10.NNMR 4:11
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