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Oen Bearen a. k. a. Proenium - Adrian Lubinski comes from Poland. His journey through music began. Thanks to his uncle he got into Trance. Together they listened to Tunnel Trance etc. It started his fascination in such sounds. In 2003 he esablished a cooperation with the Infected Radio, where he acquired radio presenter and DJ skills with a vital help of his friend Aros Rhymes. In the same year his adventure with music production began. In 2006 young Oen debuted as a DJ in NC Laguna in Elk. He has great memories of his first live performance in a crowded club. The year 2007 prooved to be succesful for the young artist. During summer holidays he created his first two major productions namely «No Leaf Clover» and «Solitude». It was just then that Adrian started to believe in his abilities and digg deeper in the secrets of music production. In the same year Oen met some interesting people, with whom he works till today. The most important person for him was TB. This Guy even today, is a very helpful person for Oen: he was giving him many advices, helped with mixing, making melodies, even gave his projects to Oen. It resulted in first contracts with labels in the early 2008. «No Leaf Clover» has been issued at Actuate Recordings. What is even more interesting the rework for 2008 was placed on the prestigious TranceMaster 6002 compilation. «Solitude» was also signed in the same label (Actuate) and reached numer 11 on the Top 100 sales of the online store www. audiojelly. com. The year 2008 was a great boom in Oen’s life. Track aJoyable has been issued at Irish Stampgevaar Recordings label. It has been remixed by Ex-driver, Marc Walsh and Zaa. All of them received trance listeners attraction but the remix by Ex-driver enjoyed the greatest interest and therefore received support from Ferry Corsten, during his show Corsten’s Countdown, as well as from Tom Colontonio. Grateful Oen decided to make a remix for Ex-driver. «California» (Oen Bearen InsideFeeling Remix) won listeners recognition and reached numer 1 of Top 100 Trance Sales in www. trackitdown. net shop. In the meantime Oen released his rework for Nsky&W4ng which can be considered the first successful rework of the young DJ. Oen currently leads broadcasts on various radiostations: Soundbreeze @ Sense. FM, Sensual Sessions @ Trance. FM and Rotate @ ersko. NET. At present his biggest DJ achievements are Green Revolution in Jezierzyce and a series of events called Sound Breeze which had many supporters in Slupsk. Year 2009 is a continuation of his music Voyage. ‘Unexpected Love’ released @ Only One Records, became a big succes of Oen Bearen. This track was supported globally by: M. I. K. E., Sebastian Brandt, Fast Distance and others! And whats more, Unexpected Love was released on ‘Trance Trip Vol. 3’ compilation! Oen still has got a lot of very fresh material which is about to be released in the 2009! Stay tuned!


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Let It Go - Radio Edit 3:13
2.Effra (Radio Mix) 3:33
3.Blast - Original Mix 6:08
4.No Leaf Clover (2008 Rework) 8:49
5.Let It Go (feat Bloom - radio edit) 3:08
6.Blast (Original Mix) 5:24
7.In Two At More Ease - Nivaya Remix 7:25
8.No Leaf Clover - Original Mix 7:56
9.Spread Your Legend - Damian Wasse Remix 7:12
10.Unadulterared (Airborne Angel Remix) 7:55
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