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Born out of sound experiments in an improvised studio of a small London flat, Of The I’s huge sound belies its modest beginnings. Coming together from diverse origins, as students of philosophy and psychology, the band’s five members worked to find a way of expressing their ideas in calculated pressure waves. These were released freely, as ones and zeros, to a hungry hoard of Demonoiders, who promptly consumed 12, 000 copies.

The band, inspired, locked themselves away and plotted their first album while cutting their teeth on the London live scene.

With every song carefully crafted and rehearsed, Of the I gathered their savings and entered a North-London studio, where the entire album was recorded in 10 days and nights. Cramped in a tiny room, huge guitar and bass amps in separate closets, the band played their songs live to capture the full dynamic Of the I, giving the album a real sense of warmth.

The concept of self-awareness appears in various guises throughout the hour-long journey that is ‘Balance Instars’. The sound of the record is progressive, driven, and intense, yet finds release in organic, visceral passages. The band’s endeavour to envelop listeners in their distinctive atmosphere is not only the beating heart of the album, it is characteristic of their intoxicating live performances.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Cathexis 8:06
2.Cold 6:22
3.Single Units 3:24
4.Between Being & Ego 5:15
5.Mercenary 5:56
6.Entrance 1:13
7.Stopping the World 7:28
8.Modern Equivalent 4:15
9.Between Being and Ego 5:31
10.Instars 7:35
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