R. Stevie Moore

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«The consummate creative character»

Robert Stevie Moore is an american improviser, composer, arranger, producer, musical conceptualist, comedy writer, vocal stylist, filmmaker, sketchpad artist, drama example, self-taught instrumentalist and bon vivant. He was born in 1952 in nashville TN. He is the son of Bob Moore, veteran Nashville A-Team bassist, producer, and orchestra leader, as well as a longtime sideman for Elvis Presley. Since ‘66 rsm has recorded nearly 2, 000 songs on over 400 very original homemade albums of alarmingly idiosyncratic variety and styles, often considered a seminal pioneer in the DIY ethic. Remaining virtually unknown, he quietly resides in new jersey as curator of his own museum. Moore lives and records in his home/studio in Bloomfield, New Jersey.

In February 2005, newspaper writer Tammy LaGorce described Moore as a «lo-fi legend» in the New York Times.

Partial Discography:

Albums: Phonography (1976) Vital, (1978) H. P. Music, (1998) Flamingo Delicate Tension (1978) H. P. Music, (2004) Cordelia Games & Groceries (1978) Everything (1984) New Rose What’s The Point?!! (1984) Cuneiform Verve (1985) Hamster Glad Music (1986) New Rose R. Stevie Moore (1952-19??) (1987) Cordelia Teenage Spectacular (1987) New Rose Warning (1988) New Rose Thoroughly Years (Phonography 2) (1989) Hamster Has-Beens and Never-Weres (1990) Heliotrope Greatesttits (1990) Fan Club Contact Risk (1993) Fruit Of The Tune Revolve (1995) Pink Lemon Objectivity (with Yukio Yung) (1997) JAR Music The Future Is Worse Than The Past (1999) Megaphon Dates (with Dave Gregory) (1999) - (self-released) FairMoore (with Jad Fair) (2002) Old Gold Hundreds of Hiding Places (2002) Megaphon Hobbies Galore (His Best 24) (2003) Lost Frog Nevertheless Optimistic (2003) Innova Tra La La La Phooey! (2004) Comfort Stand The Yung and Moore Show Vs. The Whole Goddam Stinkin’ World (with Yukio Yung) (2006) Orgone Disorganized Overactivity Or Tabitha Soren (2006) Forty-Seven Meet The R. Stevie Moore (2008) Cherry Red Special Needs (2008) Park the Van Me Too (2009) Cherry Red


«Roger Ferguson and Ethos» (1973) Basic Sounds Ltd. Four From Phonography EP (1977) H. P. Music Stance EP (1978) H. P. Music «Goodbye Piano»/»I Wish I Could Sing» (1978) Flamingo «New Wave»/»Same» (1979) Classass Music Industries «Chantilly Lace» + «Teen Routines»/»Bloody Knuckles» (1984) New Rose «I Hate People»/»Everyone But Everyone» (1992) Singles Only Label «U. R. True» + 3 (2009) Felony Fidelity


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Альбом Phonography
1978 год
Альбом Delicate Tension
1978 год

Топ 10 песен:

1.Why Should I Love You 2:21
2.Pop Music 3:48
3.Dutch Me 2:42
4.California Rhythm 0:50
5.Melbourne 3:25
6.Explanation of Artist :31
7.You and Me 2:23
8.Goodbye Piano 2:36
9.Explanation of Listener :50
10.I Go into Your Mind 2:06
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