R.A. the Rugged Man

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Другие песни R. A. the Rugged Man    Поиск R. A. the Rugged Man   Альбом: unknown   Добавил: Webmaster   Дата:   2005-01-01   Тип:   текст песни   Просмотров сегодня: 1, с понедельника : 1. R. A. the Rugged Man - WWF Aggression текст песни mp3 [R. A. the Rugged Man] Can't save you - nuttin, yeah - you'll see Uhh - I think they know who we are You think you know me? Know who we are? Look at me - I'm lookin at you man We comin for these kids, yeah Chorus: R. A. the Rugged Man (repeat 2X) (YEEEEEEEAH!) Break the walls down Y'all don't want none - break the walls down (YEEEEEEEAH!) Break the walls down Y'all don't want none - break the walls down [R. A. the Rugged Man] Aiyyo.. yeah, yo.. Aiyyo I break down walls, take down walls Swing baseball bats at you, I hate y'all If they brawl, we brawl, bring the heat y'all Bite they face off, I'ma eat y'all, defeat y'all I'm a wild man, heavy metal hardrocker Death before dishonor, I gotcha, Rugged Man drop ya Ain't no peace here, there's beef here There ain't no man that we fear You got beef? We be here Chorus [R. A. the Rugged Man] The most violent, unstoppable, crazy, crusty Ugly, my mother doesn't trust me I walk with a sickness, slash you break you Take you, throw you on the floor, duct tape you I'm a monster, bone-crusher, dome-splitter We throw witcha, you roll thick we roll thicker Human Rottweiler, rip your ribcage out We flip out, let the rage out, we insane now The headbanger, body banger, body breaker Rhyme wrecker, manslaughter manslayer Step into the darkness, we sneak through, if we see you we gon' beat you, this is what we do.. we do.. Chorus [R. A. the Rugged Man] Now who wan' try to take us? (RIGHT NOW) Now who wan' get beat down? (RIGHT NOW) Now who wanna step outside? (RIGHT NOW) Y'all got beef, let's do this (RIGHT NOW) Chorus .. Chorus {*fades*} Возврат R. A. the Rugged Man - WWF Aggression текст песни mp3

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