Race the Sun

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Race The Sun: James C. Henderson II (vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion); Joshua Thomas (vocals, keyboards, bass guitar); Daniel Long (vocals); Jason Sowers (guitar); Christopher Brown (drums).

We all need to rock out, not paper, not scissors, but pure rock and Virginia’s own Race the Sun set out to get the job done. The debut release from this band is spontaneous and punchy; crammed with unforgettable pop hooks.

Singing about their friends, music, boredom, and persistence, their songs are loaded with call-and-response vocal melodies, dive-bombing guitars, and foot stomping drums. Shrieks and screams stair-step back into a lyrical barrage of compelling vocal harmonies, whispering just above chugging guitars before they are viciously cut by the carefree chord progressions of an overdriven chorus that are reminiscent of their emo-pop superhero’s. This hook-laden record displays the confidence and ever-growing ability of a band ready to reach the lofty heights of acclaim.


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Vanity Score 3:46
2.Solo Tonight 4:46
3.To Icarus With All Sincerity 4:47
4.As Wings Develop 5:07
5.Weak Would Be Me Flinching 4:44
6.Paperweights And Coffee Stains 3:40
7.460 to Nowhere 2:51
8.Dreams V. Me 3:45
9.Can't Wait 3:46
10.My Heart, The Compass (Points West) 3:31
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