Radical Dance Faction

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Radical dance faction - Wasteland (1991)

If you’ve never heard of them buy it, if you know who they are you’ve probably got it already. This is definitely dub, but not like Scratch Perry or Tubby. This is the dub of the politicised underclass, the Class War reader that enjoys a spliff. It’s better than «Borderline Cases» - the attitude is still there but the sadness is stronger and tinged with lonliness. It’s an emotional trip that leaves you in no doubt how Chris Bowsher was feeling at the time he wrote each song and he takes you with him. It presents a pretty nihilistic view of both the present and the future, there’s no escape from the greed of those at the top and the dirt and misery at the bottom. I think this is probably their best album with 4 truly outstanding tracks (Working Class Hero, Sadness, Babylon and What The Man Made Of Stone) - the rest are just plain outstanding. Although most of the albums are hard to comeby nowadays.

If anyone has ragamuffin statement in their collection i’d like to hear from you, i’ve been trying to get my hands on it for years


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Babylon 5:09
2.Working Class Hero 3:36
3.Tension Town 4:45
4.Borderline 5:19
5.Surplus People 6:28
6.Hope 4:07
7.Next Man In Europe 3:26
8.Sadness 4:12
9.What The Man Made Of Stone 4:52
10.Hot on the Wire 4:41
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