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With four top ten singles two danish awards heaps of international gold and platinum albums covers on numerous magazines sales exceeding 1. 5. million singles and albums and tours all over the world the beginnins s. o. a. p. 's carreers has turned out like a true and exceptional pop fairtytale. S. O. A. P. consist of two sisters Line & Heidi Sorensen. Their father is Danish and their mother is Malay -and trouthout their adolescence the girls lived in both countries. They began perfoming at the age of four and five and along with their parents they have travelled all over Malaysia as well as Denmark and given conserts primarily at charity events They have perfoment on TV as well as on the radio and have recored albums with other artists for the benefit of UNICEF and Red Cross. They sing dance and play several instruments. They also write songs of their own witch. according to plan will be featured on their second album


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1.This Is How We Party 3:17
2.S.O.A.P. Is In The Air 3:20
3.Ladidi Ladida 3:44
4.Romeo & Juliet 2:54
5.Not Like Other Girls 4:23
6.Stand By You 3:08
7.Wishing 4:14
8.Deep In My Heart 3:31
9.Mr. DJ 3:29
10.Live Forever 3:21
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