Sweetheart Surgery

Название на русском (транслитом): [ Редактировать поле ]


Guys started at the outskirts of Podolsk, district of Moscow. It was cut off from the progressive capital hangout. The nasty place that warm hearts of inhabitants by the industrial discharges of all periodic table’s elements. On the barely inceptive wave of indie music in Russia the band was brought to one of the town’s basements, where was started their first surgical experiments with garage rock, with the raw line-up at the moment. Guitars were hastily taken by Alexander ‘Drake’ Semiglazov and Paul ‘Ripley’ Alexeev. Vadim ‘General Brothel’ Naimushin were found in some way on a bass and the sticks were given after all to Dan ‘Spike’ Salomatin. Fedor ‘Fedro-Medro’ Eryomin was joined the band in a few days literally. He get the microphone, but he left a band in a month due to insuperable difficulties. One encouraging day the counting of time has started. Henceforth guys filled their hearts with not so smooth music for the moment every week just like their lungs filled with the quicksilver’s vapour from the broken thermometers of that poorly designed basement. The mild days were slipping away like current on wires, and the band rejected an old material at this time. The age of Sweetheart Surgery indie rock begins. At the same time some changes with line-up happen. Bassist and rhym-guitarist left the band. The vocalist Klim ‘Wayfarer’ Ivanov, the bassist Mr. Antonov and the drummer Max ‘MC Dickhead’ Dovgalyuk joined the guys. And now Sweetheart Surgery has a considerable experience of performances at the main grounds of Moscow, perfects actively new material and makes ambitiously plans for the future. All just begins. There are absolutely new horizons ahead. Be with them! And perhaps you’ll be the next patient who’s heart will be musically operated by Sweetheart Surgery.

The newest and hottest studio EP released on February, 25 and single “Somebody’s Candy” breaks the internet broadcasting since January, 12.

On April, 24 Klim left the band. So what is next? But in July 2009 he came back and the band have continued its work with even more eagerness


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Топ 10 песен:

1.I sold my youth on friday night 3:09
2.St. Petersburg 3:33
3.Waste Your Time (On Me) 3:20
4.The Only Dream 3:03
5.Easy Come Easy Go 3:03
6.Golden Ring 3:15
7.HFLS 2:51
8.Kisses Under 3:30
9.Summer's Above Me 4:00
10.She was lonely 4:00
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