Taj Munroe

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Taj, born in Brooklyn, New York, comes from a family with a strong musical background. The nephew of Block Boyz CEO producer John «Jayd» Daniels (Foxy Brown, Missy, Pink, 3LW, Jimmy Cozier), Taj has been singing since he was 6 years old. He picked up his love for music from his mother who was part of a gospel group out of New York City. Standing at 6’1», Taj is extremely marketabale. He incorparates a unique rock/urban edginess to his image. His live performances are full of non-stop action and high energy excitement and his stage presence exudes nothing but top flight star quality. Taj is an excellent songwriter. He writes and co -writes all of his own material as well as songs for other artists. He has the versatility to write party records and emotional love songs but loves to write inspirational music that will touch his listeners. One of his personal favorites, is a piece he wrote called «Stay Up», where he instructs the listeners to keep their head up no matter what troubles come their way. Taj is driven to make it to the very top of the music world and will except nothing less. «I want to be one of the people to take music to next level. Myself as well as the other members of Blockboyz produce groundbreaking music. This is our destiny. » says Taj. In 2008, Taj will be releasing his self titled debut album in Japan!!


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Топ 10 песен:

1.Outrun The Rain 4:16
2.Sing It 4 Me 4:37
3.Hustlin (Remix) (2006) 3:37
4.Guilty Innocence 4:16
5.Playground (Prod. By Soulblazers) 3:40
6.Sing It For Me 4:37
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