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Takida is a rock band from Ånge, Sweden, formed in 1999. The band consists of Robert Petterson (vocals, piano), Tomas Wallin (guitar), Mattias Larsson (guitar), Fredrik Pålsson (bass) and Kristoffer Söderström (drums).

In 2000 they recorded their first demo, «Old», and in 2005 they were signed up by Swedish indie-label Ninetone Records. They released their first single, «Losing», in January 2006 and in April 2006 their first real album …Make You Breathe was released. Their second album, Bury the Lies, was released in May 2007. The same year the single Curly Sue made Takida known all over Sweden. It was number one on radio channel P3s «Tracks» list for ten consecutive weeks.

The name Takida comes from the character Gohei Takeda in the Japanese anime series Nagareboshi Gin.

Takida’s latest album «Bury The Lies» recently sold 40 000 copies - and gained platinum status.

Takida is a five-piece rock band from mid Sweden who started out in 1999 and they have worked hard to get where they are today. They have been touring all around Sweden and earned a reputation as a solid live rock act.

Their first demo, «Old» was recorded in 2000. The result was a 5-track CD and only 500 copies were pressed, selling out immediately. With many successful gigs and increased popularity among fans the band were able to release some material on their own, including four EP’s and one full album, which have sold 10. 000 copies between them.

Describing their sound as “hard rock with distinct pop influences” Takida proceeded in 2005 to get signed to a record label and went on to record their debut album “Make You Breathe” which was released in Sweden in April 2006. «Losing» - the first single from the new album entered the Swedish charts at No. 2 and stayed in the top for weeks. The album grew to be a huge success and was the biggest selling hard rock album in Sweden of 2006.

Continuous touring followed, but the band still made time to record their second album, “Bury The Lies” which was released May 2007. “Bury The Lies, ” continued in the same vein as the previous album, with infectious rhythms, guitar hooks that stick in your head and deeply personal lyrics and choruses.

“Bury The Lies was pretty hard to record due to a lack of time, performance anxiety and an enormous pressure from the outside. Everybody in the band felt like it was now or never, and that sometimes made it hard to think straight about both music and lyrics. Parts of the album we had to sort of force through, but it was a good experience to work under pressure; it proved that we were capable of working under those circumstances. ”

The first single Halo quickly grew to be a hit in the rock radio circuit. The band now gets an official nod from the industry with two Swedish Grammy nominations. The second single “Curly Sue” became a huge radio hit and stayed 10 weeks as No. 1 on the Swedish Tracks Chart – a national radio chart, voted for by the public.

“Another positive experience in making this album was that everybody in the band contributed in writing all of the songs. That is something we’re definitely going to continue with”

The summer of 2008 will be spent on the road playing tours and festivals in Sweden and Europe before going back into the studio to record the third album.

Demo albums Old (2000) T2 (2000)

Studio albums Takida (2001) Gohei (2003) Thorns (2004) …Make You Breathe (2006) Bury the Lies (2007)

Singles Losing (2006) Reason to Cry (2006) Halo (2007) Curly Sue (2008) The Dread (2008) Handlake Village (2008)

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1.You Learn 3:22
2.Curly Sue 3:53
3.To Have And To Hold 3:09
4.Never Alone Always Alone 4:05
5.Haven Stay 4:07
6.I Am The World 3:39
7.The Things We Owe 3:44
8.Swallow (Until You're Gone) 3:28
9.One Lie 2:50
10.Purgatory (Live And Let Die) 3:38
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